Heavy Duty Mineral

Antioxidants are natural substances that block the activities of free radicals. Free radicals are formed naturally by the body and have the potential to damage body cells. This could lead to cancer. One mineral which could also act as an antioxidant is the Selenium.

Selenium occurs naturally in the soil but could appear in water and some foods. It is needed in little amounts and is relevant as an immune booster. Along with other minerals, Selenium can help build white blood cells which help the body fight infections.

Selenium has shown to play an important role in men’s fertility as with other antioxidants; it is involved in sperm protein production. It also reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. It is significant in the reduction of death amongst prostate cancer patients as well as prevention of some cancers. Avoiding low Selenium levels, people living with HIV will improve their health status.

Deficiency in Selenium has shown a high risk for cancer. While prolonged excess intake increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, side effects of high doses include loss of fingernail, irritability, weight loss, skin rash, fatigue, impaired immune function and decreased sperm motility in men.

Do you know that levels of Selenium in food are dependent on levels present in the soil and the location where the food is planted?  Food processing is capable of destroying Selenium present in foods therefore, whole foods are better sources. Food such as walnut, fresh and sea water fish, grains, beef and poultry supply the body with Selenium. The recommended daily intake for an adult is 55micrograms and has an upper limit of 400micrograms per day.

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