Stay healthy always

Drink 2L of water every day. Fluid helps your body get rid of toxins that may increase cancer risk.

Diets rich in vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes fortify the body and protect against cancer.

Onions contain quercetin – a powerful antioxidant that fights cancer by lowering inflammation.

Like barbeques? Great! So we do. Avoid red meat. Use skinless chicken, turkey breasts, fish…

Cook meat properly. Do not burn or char. Use a marinade. Trim the fat.

Grapes are great. They have loads of resveratrol -an antioxidant that lowers cancer risks.

Smoking and tobacco are responsible for a third of all cancer deaths

Of the 6m people that die of tobacco each year, 10% are non-smokers exposed to 2nd hand smoke.

Use an umbrella when you need to walk outdoors for long.

Non-stick pots are good but cracked pots emits some harsh chemicals.

Carbonated drink after a hard day’s work is cooling but it contains a cancer-causing ingredient.

Gloves and nose masks protect your skin from exposure to cancer-causing chemicals in pesticides.

Don’t sleep with your cell phones, don’t keep them in your pockets; they emit radiations.

Take time to relax your mind daily:  Play some games. Meditate. Exercise your muscles.

Alcoholic beverages hinder the body from absorbing variety of nutrients which the body requires.

Smoke from stoves and fire woods release coal - a human carcinogen. Avoid them.

High fiber diet reduces the risk of cancer. Take sweet potatoes, oatmeal etc.

Get enough sleep. A good night sleep helps combat cancer.

Add some garlic to your meal. Allicin found in it can destroy cancer cells.

Tyres contain benzene- a cancer causing chemical. Don’t allow children play around burnt tyres

Excess body weight is a risk factor for cancer. Belly fat is risky too.

Green tea contains sinecatechin, an antioxidant- it destroys cancer cells.

Stay away from electric wires. Magnetic fields around them emit cancer-causing radiations.

Follow directions on plastics. Not all are resistant to heat. Chemicals can be released into your meal.

Sitting for long hours expose you to the risk of cancer. Walk around after a while.

Psychological stress over a long time is cancer-causing. Forgive all. Share responsibilities.

Coffee may not be bad after all, it contains antioxidant. Drink moderately.

Underneath sweeteners such as saccharin is severe pain in form of cancer. Take with ease.

Bromate can improve the quality of bread. It can also cause cancer. Don’t bake bread with it.


                                                                                                       Written by Ugo-Amadi, Ifeyinwa
                                                                                                               Edited by Onyeibor, Onyeka

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