Dangerous plant

Ifeyinwa Ugo-Amadi

Tobacco is a green leafy plant grown in warm climate. When this plant is cured, the product is also known as tobacco. Tobacco contains a stimulant known as nicotine. Dried tobacco leaves are either consumed as snuff or chewing tobacco. It can also be smoked as cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Over four thousand chemicals are generated when tobacco is burned. Due to its nicotine content, tobacco water is a great insect repellent for gardens. It kills pests such as caterpillars and aphids.
The illicit trade of tobacco has yielded major economic, security and health concerns round the globe by diminishing overall health as well as increasing healthcare utilisation and cost. It is the main risk factors for a number of chronic diseases including cancer, liver, lung and cardiovascular diseases. Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by four times. It increases the risk of developing cancer by 25 times.
The use of tobacco increases the risk of preterm delivery, ectopic pregnancy, still birth and birth defects. It also affects men’s sperm, reduces fertility in men and women. It thickens the blood vessels, making them narrower and increasing blood pressure.
Though the most important avoidable cause of death globally, the World Health Organization attributes the death of over 3million people annually to tobacco smoking.
Remember – Smokers are liable to die young. Therefore, ‘eliminate the illicit sale of tobacco’. It’s the World No Tobacco Day.



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