Self care - extremely important

By Ifeyinwa Ugo-Amadi

Today’s world has recorded an increase in chronic health diseases. Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths and costs so much for treatment. These diseases are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. The negligence of self care is linked to the causes of chronic diseases. Self-care is the foundation of good health. It is any necessary human regulatory function that is self-initiated, deliberate and under individual control. Self care includes all decisions made by people to maintain mental and physical fitness.
Self-care activities are not only derived from skills and knowledge given by professionals but also from experiences. It encompasses the following:
·         Nutrition: Having a nutritious and balanced diet is essential
·         Lifestyle: Free of tobacco smoking, excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine, sodas etc.
·          Hygiene: Cleanliness keeps germs away. Regular hand washing and proper sanitation.
·         Environmental factors: Free of second-hand smoke, air and water pollution,
·         Self–medication: Regular check on blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels. Also involves care in over-the-counter drug consumption.
·         Information/ Awareness: Ignorance is inexcusable. This avails people the opportunity to be informed and make right choices on health issues.
·         Exercise: This is beneficial to keep the body fit. It also benefits the brain, joints, lungs and other body systems.
 Conscious adherence to all the parts of self-care aligned above helps the body healthier and stronger. It is widely said that, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Self-care takes care of prevention.


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