Population is about you and I

By Ifeyinwa Ugo-Amadi

The 2015 World population day is wrapped around the vulnerable populations in emergencies. These numbers seem to be on a rise daily as the world experiences emergencies regularly. Emergencies are situations that pose immediate risks to life, health, property and environment.
The world’s numbers of displaced persons are increasing due to increase in natural disasters, war, and terrorism, religious and ethnic conflicts. Vulnerable populations are the population at risk of poor physical, psychological or social health after a disaster. Of these ‘at risk’ populations, women and children make up three quarter. Others are the elderly and those with chronic diseases.
The United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA) reports that in times of emergencies, the vulnerability of women and girls is often increased. This is because women and girls face a greater risk of violence, sexual exploitation and reproductive health illnesses particularly from violent extremists and armed groups. This terrible risks result in trauma, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is a known fact that women bear acute care in most societies and they also bear responsibilities of families and communities affected by an emergency.  These womenfolk who are capable of making these important contributions to our common future may have such hopes dashed.
Acknowledging the vulnerability of the woman/girl, all hands should be on deck to protect her. Her health including the sexual and reproductive health should be of uttermost concern to all. A call to women to stand up to their responsibilities of nurturing the young ones aright is also being made. This is because that extremist and armed man was born of a woman who could probably have influenced him.


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