Revelations from the Eyes!

Growing up, a form of gaze from my mum would tell you a lot. In the midst of visitors, she expects you to keep tab with the looks from her eyes as inability to do that or understand what she’s saying through her eyes could spell doom.
Though some say the eye is the window to the soul others call the eyes, the messengers to the soul. This is because the eye not only sees happenings and things around it; it is also able to reveal what goes on deep down the heart, right into the soul. That is why in spite of being physically wide-eyed, a person could be said to ‘turn a blind eye’ to some things while he/ she ‘sees eye-to-eye’ with some other.
The human eye is an organ that reacts to light and perform other functions. It has the ability to receive light signals that affect adjustment of the size of the pupil, regulate and suppress the melatonin hormone and entrainment of the body clock (this occurs when rhythmic behavioural events match their period to that of an environmental oscillation).  Light enters the eye through the cornea, then the pupil and through the lens controlled by ciliary muscles to the retina.  A part of the eyes, the pupil is a part of our body language we practically have no control over. It has been observed that the pupil of the eyes respond to changes other than light – betraying mental and emotional events by either contracting or dilating.
A psychologist with Princeton University, Daniel Kahneman states that ‘the pupils reflect the extent of mental effort in an incredibly way’. He also said that he could deduce when someone gave up on a multiplication problem simply by watching for pupil contraction during an experiment while excitement will cause the pupil to dilate. Little wonder psychologists and men of the police force carry out their investigations while observing body language particularly, eye language.
As informative as pupil dilation, blink rate, gaze aversion, and unusually prolonged eye contact can be, the muscles that surround the eyes could pass the strongest message across because they dictate emotion. Emotions such as psychological arousal, expressive behaviours and conscious experience that depict excitement, depression, fear, disgust etcetera could be read in the eyes.
Are you going for that interview? Planning to tell a lie? Having a crush on someone? Excited? Depressed? Watch your eyes, they could just give you away without your knowledge.

 By Ifeyinwa Ugo-Amadi


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