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The social media was once overtaken by the stories of a 37-year-old woman with 38 children. Many other stories about couples with several numbers of children abound all over the world – some are
financially able to take care of these children while others are not, some are emotionally and psychologically able while others are not. While some produce many children due to their love for children, others produce many children due to their inability to ‘checkmate’ the art of child production. Hence the geometric rise in the population all over the world.
From 0.8billion number of persons in the world in the year 1803, the world population has increased to 7.5billion within a sparse of 213 years. In spite of the increase in world population, natural resources deposited in the earth are finite. This has resulted in the struggle for scarce resources which includes space, water, food etc. This overwhelming increase in population is observed to be more in developing nations – this has resulted in an increase in:
·         Crime rate
·         Poverty rate
·         Depletion of natural resources
·         Emergence of new infectious diseases
·         Climatic change
·         Extinction of species
·         Pollution of water resources
·         Deforestation etcetera
What about the hen that lays the golden egg? Should it be cut open/ belaboured to lay more eggs or be taken care of to produce eggs at its convenience? The woman who is the centre of population increase should be put into consideration – her physiological and psychological health deserves attention. Family planning helps women to live more productive lives, giving them opportunity for better education and career.
Considering the fact that human capital resources are also a critical variable in the growth process of an economy, do we automatically accrue development to over populous nations? Your answer is as good as mine. For critical steps have to be taken to produce quality persons that would impact life positively rather than a bunch that would remain a nuisance to the society.

By Ifeyinwa Ugo-Amadi


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